Acorn Early Learning Centre

Monday, July 8, 2013

      One of the preschool rooms has just started a project studying ponds. Before we build our very own pond in our classroom, we thought we should explore and observe some local water environments. Today we walked along the canal and found many things to explore and discuss... This included water bugs, fish, weeds, and a group of ducks bathing and swimming! We were even lucky enough to see fish feeding on the underwater weeds. The preschoolers were very concerned about the garbage that they found floating.This led to a discussion and awareness of the need to properly dispose of garbage so not to harm our environment.
Do you see the fish we spotted?
         The preschoolers were really excited to see a dragonfly as we have been discussing various living things found in ponds. We were able to observe real lily pads in the water before going back to our classroom for an art sensory activity where we made representational lily pads with plastecine.

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